Dream World School





FOR THE YEAR 2019–2020


School Timing: Standards I to IV - 9:15 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.    Standards V to X - 9:15 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.    


1.    Students must always be punctual in everything. The commencement bell rings at 9.15 AM on every school day. Students arriving late will not be admitted into the campus for the day. Parents or Auto-drivers of late arrivals are solely responsible to take them back home.


2.   Students must come to school neatly dressed, with hair properly combed and nails trimmed short. They must carry a handkerchief. They must wear the regular school uniform (except on Thursdays), black Canvas (Liberty) shoes and black socks till Shin (below the Knee) on all the working days of the week. On Thursdays they need to wear their respective House dress.

Students must not wear gold or silver ornaments, watches, flowers or nail polish. They must not bring expensive items of property to school. (On special occasions Mehandi may be allowed only on palms.)

All girls in Standards I to VII must wear their hair short (not below shoulder length). It is mandatory for the girls learning Classical Dance to submit the Junior Grade Passing Certificate along with a written request (signed by a parent and dance teacher in each case) to take permission for growing hair.

          All Boys of Standards I to X who wear a stud on their ear must either remove or wear it on both the ears.

3.  Students of classes I to X are allowed to eat only the raw vegetables, fruit, dry fruits and sprouts in the break time. Eating junk food like Kurkure, biscuits, chips and so on are not permitted.  


4.  Every day each student must bring a clean napkin, a Steel Water Bottle, a spoon and carry their lunch in Steel Lunch Boxes (all marked with their name). It is expected that each student finishes the food in their box in the lunch-break.


         Similarly, students must bring from home all materials and equipment they are likely to need for schoolwork-borrowing is not encouraged. Students of classes VI to X are asked to use only Ink pen without cartridge.


5.  According to a recent circular by the CBSE, weight of schoolbag of Class I and II students shall not exceed 1.5kg. The allowed weight of schoolbags for Class III to V is 2-3kg, for Classes VI and VII is 4kg, for classes VIII and IX is 4.5kg and for Class X students is 5kg. So, Parents have to check that the students’ school bag (empty) must not weigh more than 500g.


6.   Students must maintain cleanliness everywhere including Classrooms, Corridors, Saga 7 (Library), Laboratories and the Playground and make appropriate use of dustbins.

Students must not chew gum or bubble gum or spit in the campus.

Students must maintain strict silence in Saga 7and Laboratories.

They must look after School Property carefully, including Saga 7 materials and Laboratory materials, failing which the student responsible for breakage or damage have to pay the school the current cost of the equipment or material.


7.    Students are expected to come prepared each day for the days work including topics in every subject in the schedule for the day.

Students who are absent for Prime Skills/Subject Enrichment Activities, Term one and Term two examination is re-scheduled only on genuine medical reasons with submission of medical certificate.

Students from Standards IV to VIII must submit revision papers on appropriate Unit Test/ Periodic Tests and Term one and Term two examinations days.

8.    Saturdays are mandatory Working Days for the students of Standards VIII to X. On Saturday’s students of classes I to VII can go to Saga 7 for reference work between 9:15 a.m. and 12:45 p.m.

              On weekdays students from Standards III to X can stay for FSSA (Four Square Sports Association) Coaching according to the schedule that will be announced, provided their assignments are complete and they have submitted permission request letters from their parents. 

9.   To ride a bicycle to school (from class V onwards), a student has to submit a letter of permission from their parents. That letter should be approved by the school. It is compulsory to carry the ID card to school every day. Failing which his/her bicycle is not allowed inside the school campus (those who are coming on bicycle are allowed to get 2 rupees to pump up the air in the bicycle tyre).


10. Students from classes V to X are given Locker facility based on their participation in evening sports coaching. Students have to follow the instructions given to them at the time of allotment of lockers. Failing which given lockers will be cancelled.


11.  Students are expected to avoid and help prevent waste of water and electricity and to help switch off equipment, lights and fans when they are not required.

       Students must flush the toilet after use.


12. Students must not run in the classrooms, in the corridors and on the stairs. Shoving and pushing each other must be avoided. If any child gets injured the medical expenses should be paid by parents of the child who is responsible for the injury.


13. There will be Centre-wise Assemblies on weekdays except on Thursdays; on that day there will be a Common Assembly. Students from Standards IV to X must carry the text of the Pledge on that day.

      Students from Standards VIII to X must bring their own mats for the Meditation Classes.

14. Leave request letters must be submitted as much in advance as possible. A medical certificate must accompany a request for sick leave.


15. Books must be neatly maintained; text books and note books are to be wrapped with brown sheets.


16. Students must not use guides. They must make use of the Text Books, Reference Books (available in the Saga 7 at school), and Question Banks/Worksheets given in the school.


17. Students of classes VIII to X are mandatory to get lab coats when they have practicals.


18. Students must not borrow/lend notes. Students from classes VI to IX must submit their respective subject notes before they appear for the Annual/Term Two examination.


19Slam books are banned. The students must not use any social networking sites (Whatsapp/facebook etc...).


20. To keep our environment clean and to adopt to Swachha Bharath Campaign in the school, the school expects the following from the students. On the day of Birthday no student is allowed to bring toffees/bars of chocolate/Bakery food to distribute in the classroom. They may bring fruit/dry fruits/vegetables like cucumber, carrot cut into small pieces and distribute the same to their classmates. If the student brings toffees/bars of chocolate/Bakery food on his/her birthday, after celebrating the birthday in the classroom the toffees/bars of chocolate/ Bakery food will be sent back home along with him/her without distributing in the classroom.


21. All the girls from class I to X are strictly not allowed to wear dresses without sleeves or netted sleeves for any reason to the school.

22. Parents are asked to log onto the School Official Website i.e., for the Books List, Novels List, Course Outlines, Timetable, Notices and for any other information about the school activities. Parents must book the appointment for the Parent Teacher Meeting through the school website only on Wednesdays from 7.00 a.m. to 7.p.m. and the reference number should be noted down. Parents must come along with the child and the required materials (evaluated test papers, worksheets, notes etc.) for the Parent Teacher Meeting on Fridays.



             Students must converse in English only, except in the Kannada or the Hindi classes.