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Why is it not being solved all the problems of each exercise? Why is 25% to 30% of the total problems exempted from each exercise? How do I know which problems are not attempted? How will the child cope with the concepts in future?


The prescribed mathematics textbooks for the classes 5, 6, 7 and 8 consist of more number of problems in each and every exercise. Consequently, explaining and working on all the examples and exercise problems in the stipulated time in the classroom becomes practically very difficult. It consumes inordinate amount of time for both teachers and students as well. The pace of working (solving) varies from student to student. Hence, it is planned to solve more than 70% (class work + home work) of total number of exercise problems which are basic, important and tough to solve for average and below average students. 

Students will be informed to make an attempt to solve the rest of the exercise problems (at their interest). However, the students are informed to approach the teachers concerned if they have any difficulty in solving problems. The remaining leisure time may be utilised for other activities of their pleasure for all-round development.

The teacher judges and assigns the classwork and homework problems of each exercise of the textbook in the classroom. Parents have liberty to check their child’s textbook and notebook for the above mentioned (assigned) work. Respective math teachers will go through the day-to-day work done by the students.

Priority is given for conceptual based understanding and learning rather than rote methods. Using his/her skill and experience, the teacher will explain each and every aspect clearly and in detail in the class without giving any room for ambiguity. Students can practise over maths problems thoroughly to strengthen the concepts. It is made convenient for the students to solve the assigned problems leisurely and thoroughly. However, if there are any doubts, confusions or difficulty, it will be addressed either individually or in group according to the need. So, it is hoped that your child will definitely cope with the concepts in future.