Dream World School

A Report on the Celebration of Success

Date: 18 June 2019

The Felicitation of 
B.V. Ashwija I.A.S. - The Pride of Dream World School 

It’s a privilege for a school and its teachers, when their students stand out to face the society with the colours of success. This feeling of pride and honour was experienced by Dream World School whenone of its students who reached her line of success – Ms. Ashwija B. V. was invited for the programme of Felicitation by the School. 

Ashwija B. V., was the student of Dream World School and she was one among the first batch of outgoing students of our School in 2007-2008. Drawing from some of the most pivotal points of her school life, she always showed great potential at school. She was not only an excellent student but also a leader who could make her team win. Every aspect of her school life was driven by never ending competitive spirit and determination. 
Ashwija has qualified her I.A.S. exams in 2018 clearing all the three phases at a stretch, with 423rd rank, which she had dreamt of and has been working for since her schooling.Probably she has continued to be determined in her life which has brought her to this height of success. Isn’t it something great! 

Dream World felt the pride in sharing the proud moment of felicitating our Student Ms. Ashwija I.A.S., for her achievements. Her achievement might ignite the power of determination in the minds of the young learners to reach their goal. These glimpses of success is the saga of Dream World. 

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