Dream World School

Annual Report 2017-2018

Dream World School organizes various activities, orientations and competitions under six wings called PAGYANA, PRASTHAN, SAGA 7, [DP] 2, FSSA and PASCUL for all round development of students every year.  The activities and the achievements of the six wings for the academic year 2017-2018 are as follows:



Pragyana – ‘Divine is Everything’ aims at the all-round spiritual development.

It is our custom to begin every academic year with a Pragyana activity. We began this academic year on 1st June 2017 by performing Ganesha Homa, Gho Pooja and Navagraha Shanti Pooja.

On 30th June 2017 we had an orientation programme in our school campus on the importance of cow by Dr. Josyula Sadananda Shastri, from Ananthapur. Dr. Shastri highlighted the importance of cow as mother of mothers and the significance of panchagavya both spiritually and scientifically.

On 9th July 2017 Guru Purnima was celebrated to pay our homage to all the gurus and teachers. The students of classes 8-10 chanted slokas from Bhagavad-Gita, sang bhajans followed by brief presentations about the biography of our Guru Sri Paramahamsa Yoganada.

         On 4th August 2017, we had an orientation programme in our school addressed by Sri Swami Tyageshwaranandaji Maharaj from Ramakrishna Ashrama, Bengaluru. Swamiji highlighted the views of Swami Vivekananda about having a goal in life and striving to achieve it with sincere efforts.


        On 25th August 2017 we celebrated Ganesh Chaturthi. The students of classes 9 &10 made idols of eco-friendly ganesha, performed pooja in the school and took the blessings of Vigna Nivaraka.  Ganesh Nimarjan was a splendid ceremony in which the students and staff took part enthusiastically.

 On 30th August 2017 our school students of classes 8-10 along with the spiritual teacher Ms. Kamakshi, VAG India Trust Chairman Sri. K. Channappa and Smt. K. Seshu Channappa visited Kotanjaneya Swamy Temple situated near the Ballari Fort. They sang bhajans, chanted slokas, Vishnusahasranama Stotra and the 1st chapter of Bhagavad-Gita with lot of devotion and took the blessings of Lord Anjaneya.

On 29th December 2017, the students of classes 8-10 and some students from classes 5-7 visited Balaji Temple, Balaji Nagar, Ballari on the occasion of Vaikunta Ekadashi.  The students chanted Vishnusahasranama Stotra, Bhagavad-Gita and sang bhajans. Later Prasadam and lunch was served to all the students.

       On 1st January 2018 we had an orientation by Sri Swami Shantivratanandaji Maharaj about the need of reading Bhagavad Gita and its inevitability in one’s life. Swamiji fed the essence of Bhagavad Gita into the young minds correlating with the current happenings around the world.

      On 5th January 2018 we celebrated the Pragyana Morning on the occasion of our Guru Shri Paramahamsa Yogananda’s birthday by chanting Bhagavadgita, Vishnushashranama, Govindanama and singing Bhajans. On this occasion, the 12 students who recited 700 slokas of the Bhagvad Gita were awarded.

      Some competitions such as Bhajan Singing, chanting Ramaraksha Stotra, Venkateshwara Suprabhatam, Story Telling, Mono Acting of Valiant Hero’s based on Indian Mythology and Vedic Chanting were conducted for the students of classes 1-10.





Prasthan - ‘Ever Changing, Yet Immutable’, is the wing which aims at the academic development of an individual.

As every year, we organized some co-curricular activities such as Memory Test, Grouping and Classification, Poetry Writing and Recitation, World Building, Quiz-based on Science and Social Science, Quick Calculations for the students of Foundation Centre II, Realization Centre and War Zone to enrich their scholastic skills.

          On 22nd July 2017, the school organized ‘The Prasthan Exhibition’ for the students of classes 6 to 9 on the birthday of great scientist Gregor John Mendal who is known as the father of Genetics. The students took part very enthusiastically and briefed about their models to the visitors.

On 2nd November 2017, an orientation was organized on ‘The Future of Science’ for the students of classes 5-10 by Dr. Ibrahim B. Syed, a native of Ballari and presently an American Radiologist and the president of Islamic Research Foundation International. The orientation enabled the students know about Miology of Robots, Super Human Machinery and Artificial Intelligence.

On 24th, 25th and 26th November 2017 the students of classes 8 and 9 appeared for the State Level Lower and Higher Grade Drawing Examination.

On 28th, 29th and 30th December 2017 two teams comprising of two students each of class 9 i.e. Bhavith Krishna, Shivakumar, Shreya Apsani and Deeksha G, participated in the Regional Level CBSE Science Exhibition organized at Gnanodaya School, Bengaluru. Both the teams from our school are qualified for the National Level Exhibition, organized at Delhi, from 10th-12th February 2018.

On 5th January 2018 we successfully completed our school’s dream plan of installing the Rain Water Harvesting System under the guidance of Mr. N.J. Devaraj Reddy, the founder and CEO of Geo Rain Water Board, Chitradurga. The demonstration motivated the students and the parents to take initiative to save the rain water from drowning to the drainage and to improve the underground water level.

     The Academic Year 2017-2018 is a successful year as our students of class 9, Bhavith Krishna, and Shivakumar for a model in Resource Management and Food Security, Shreya Apsani and Deeksha G, for the topic Waste Management and Water Body Conservation won the First Place in the National Level CBSE Science Exhibition that was organized from 10th  February 2018 to 12th February 2018 at Mount Abu Public School, Rohini, New Delhi.




‘Saga 7 – ‘A Temple to Flowering Knowledge,’ is the name given to the Dream World School Library.

      On Monday 30th October 2017 an orientation programme was organised for the students of classes 5 to 10 to increase inquisitiveness in updating general knowledge and current affairs. The orientation was given by Mr. Ravi Prakash Reddy, a Post Graduate in Public Administration from Andhra University and has been coaching students appearing for different competitive exams.

     On 16th November 2017 our school students Allum Karibasappa and Sanath Kumar K.B. of class 10 participated in Quizz Wizz, the Inter School Quiz Competition organized by Pupil Tree School, Ballari and bagged the 2nd place.

    On 30th December 2017 we organised ‘Book Exhibition’ in our saga 7. On this occasion Dr. B.R. Gadagin, the Selection Grade Librarian at Veerashaiva College, Ballari was the invited chief guest.  The Book Exhibition was a fiesta for readers where they found 13877 books which gave an idea of different kinds of books available in our school library.

    Saga 7 conducted many competitions this year such as Grab-the-Bag Quiz, Book Talk Competition, Computer Application (ICT Skills) for the students of Foundation Centre II, Realization Centre and War Zone.




WING: [DP] 2

[DP] 2 - Dream Personality Development Programme wing says ‘Quality Counts’.

On 1st November 2017, we celebrated Karnataka Rajyotsava with great pomp and joy. On this auspicious occasion, the VAG India Trust Chairman Sri. K. Channappa and Sri. N. Basavaraj, ex-senior lecturer at Municipal College, Ballari inaugurated the celebration by hoisting the National Flag and offering flowers to the Goddess Buvaneshwari. The students from classes 8 -10 participated enthusiastically in different cultural activities.

On the same day our school teachers attended an orientation programme by Ms. Gurujitkaur Bhatia, a resource person from Oxford University Press, Bengaluru. The orientation helped the teachers in equipping themselves in the areas of classroom management and using communication and soft skills.

On 25th November 2017 an orientation was organized by Mr. Nagendra Naik, CSI of Police, Ballari Rural on the topic how to tackle challenges of life. He oriented the students of classes 8-10 about how to save themselves from becoming victims of drug mafias, safety measures to be taken to save themselves from robbery and created awareness about the importance of possessing a driving license.

On 22nd December 2017, Mr. Rajesh Aggarwal, the founder & CEO of Rebirth Academy, New Delhi oriented the students of classes 5-10 on how to reach the goals, on the same day there was an orientation in the evening session on ‘Art of Parenting’ for parents.

         On 23rd December 2017 Mr. Rajesh Aggarwal oriented the teachers on the topic ‘A Journey from a Good Teacher to a Great Teacher’.

This year [DP]2 organized competitions such as Impromptu Speaking, Role – Play and Act and Patriotism Test.





FSSA – Four Square Sports Association - the objective of which is ‘To Develop Professionalism’.

The school organized a Yoga Training Programme under the guidance of Patanajali Yoga Samiti, Ballari in the month of June and July 2017 for the students of classes 8 to 10 in which the students learnt about Pranayama and various Aasanas.

On 10th June 2017 the selections for 2nd batch NCC was organized in our school campus, by Mr. Inder Dev and Mr. Sohan Lal, from National Cadet Corps 34, Karnataka Battalion, Ballari. 25 students were selected for the second batch.

On 21st June 2017 the International Yoga Day was celebrated in the school campus. On this occasion Sri Srinivasa Guruji, Bengaluru introduced by Patanajali Yoga Samiti, Ballari performed different asanas with students and he created awareness about good food habits and the benefits of regular practice of certain asanas.

On 15th August 2017 we celebrated the 70th Independence Day with great love and respect to the country. On this occasion the chief guest Subedar A. Venkata Krishna Chowdary shared his experiences of serving as a soldier at the boarders of the country.

On the same day our school girls and boys troops from War Zone participated in the

National Parade organized at the District Stadium, Ballari on the eve of Independence Day. The boys troop won the First Place among 42 troops.

       Our school boy’s football team participated in CBSE Cluster VIII Football Tournament organized by Delhi Public School, Bangalore South from 20th to 23rd September 2017.

     Our school girls and boys hockey team participated in the CBSE South Zone Hockey Tournament held from 27th September to 1st  October 2017 hosted by Satchidananda Jothi Nikethan International School, Mettupalyam, Tamilunadu. Ruchitha Sree S. T. of class 9 was awarded with the Best Defender Award.

Our school girls football team participated in the CBSE South Zone Football Tournament held from 1st October to 3rd October 2017 hosted by Assis Vidyaniketan Public School, Cochin, Kerala.

In November 2017, Akshay G. of Class 9, our first NCC batch student was selected for the Republic Day Camp – I, II and III organized by 33 and 35 Karnataka Battalion NCC, Toranagallu, Davangere and Raichur respectively at Toranagallu. He was selected for the Inter Group Competition organized by Sri Chamaraja Ursu Boarding School, Mysore from 9th to 18th November. Further he was selected to Pre-Republic Day Camp-1 at Bengaluru conducted by 7 Karnataka Battalion NCC from 24th to 3rd December 2017.

The most awaited FSSA Week was organized in our school from 29th November 2017 to 8th December 2017.

On 3rd February 2018 25 students of the first N. C. C. batch appeared for the ‘A’ Grade Certificate Examination organized at Medical Ground, Cantonment, Ballari.  





PASCUL that is Passion for Culture aims at ‘Nurturing Interest in Culture’.

This is a wing which attempts to inculcate various talents in students’ minds and nurtures them.

Every year Foundation Centre II celebrates Centre Festivals to encourage the students to participate in various activities and to identify the hidden talent in the children.

This year Foundation Centre II celebrated Festivals such as Talking Objects, Global Warming, Farmers’ Day and Sea life.

        On 14th November 2017 we celebrated children’s day enthusiastically. The teachers entertained the students with fabulous dances, skits and games.

       On 1st January 2018 a team from our school performed a drama in kannada titled ‘Mygalla’ at Raghava Kalamandir, Ballari. The team grabbed the attention of audience with their vivacious performance.

On 12th January 2018 the students of classes 8 and 9 attended an orientation programme on Singing Bhajans conducted by Sri. M. S. Giridhar, a renowned Bhajan Singer from Bengaluru.

On 13th January 2018 we organised the Natures Fine Arts Exhibition and displayed all the craft and colourful drawings and paintings of the students. The visitors filled their hearts with marvellous art and craft work of our young artists.

        7th February 2017 was the grand finale of the whole year’s PASCUL wing activities as we celebrated the School Annual Day. This year’s concept was ‘Human Body’.  Students from different classes were involved in singing bhajans, performing skits and dances on stage 1, 2 and 3 respectively where they depicted the working and importance of human body.

This year we organized various competitions like Food Festival, Rangoli, Fancy Dress, Origami, Finger Puppets, Best out of Waste, and Cloth Painting to promote Passion for Culture in the students of different centres of the School.

We look forward for similar achievements in the coming years with the support of the Divine and students’ parents.

End of Annual Report